My paintings are about my intimate relationship with trees. Trees give me a sense of security, stability, and peace. Our experiences in the outdoors as children influence who we are as adults. Through the imagery of trees, I aim to share my experiences with the viewer.

I have addressed different cross sections of the tree to create a sense of close-up space. The intention is to draw one’s attention to the color and texture of the bark and to the intimacy of the spaces between the roots and the branches. The vertical position and large size of the tree reflect stability and strength. The sense of security and peace comes from the familiarity of the tree and the embracing, protective-like branches and roots.

The absence of form in the negative spaces is an intentional attempt to focus one’s attention on the colorful and textural qualities of the tree itself while enhancing a vague awareness of the space around the tree, between its branches and roots. The background color choice sometimes refers to popular colors of the 50’s, the era in which I first experienced the outdoors. In some cases I have chosen colors that are in direct juxtaposition to nature, bringing an abstract element into the composition in an attempt to unite the natural with the manmade, the 2 dimensional with the 3 dimensional, interiors with exteriors.

The abstract paintings included in this series are based on the cell structure of the phloem, the thin layer of vascular tissue that serves as a path for the distribution of food materials in the tree. I have freely interpreted the color of the cells structure and therefore added my own sense of existing life and the connection between man and nature.

I feel that man’s need to create personal space for himself, whether real or imagined, is a basic human need.

~ Terrel Jones

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